40 Festival Accessories, Gear & Must Haves | Festival Packing List

Looking for the best festival accessories and festival must haves!? Well, you’ve come to the right place!  I’ve been traveling and going to music festivals around the world for a decade now, and I know I need a thing or two about essential festival gear!  It’s really important to feel prepared for a music festival, so I’ve compiled this packing list with these essential festival accessories and gear! 

So whether you’re partying it up on the polo fields at Coachella, raving in the massive crowds at Tomorrowland, or getting lost in the dust at the legendary Burning Man – if you’ve got these festival accessories and gear you’ll be ready for everything. While the industry has obviously taken a hit in recent times, it’s bound to make a huge recovery, so keep reading for it and get prepared by grabbing some fresh festival dance equipment!

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Festival Accessories 2021


First up on any list of essential festival accessories has got to be a high-quality hydration pack! I’m a huge believer that to enjoy a festival properly, you need to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, and the best way to ensure you do that is by having the right gear. While there are tons of options to choose from, I’d say that this incredible Lunchbox Hydration Pack is the best available in the market. 

All of their products are extremely well thought out, made from high-quality material (so they’re built to last for years), and they’re also stylish with unique and customizable skins. It’s also been designed with anti-theft in mind to avoid pickpockets in crowds, as well as a fast refill system that helps you breeze through water lines.

What I also love about Lunchbox as a company is they’ve got a massive community in the festival industry, and often host meetups, events, and are making an effort to make a difference for everyone in the scene. 

Price: $99+ USD

View Photos, Read Reviews & Check Availability

2023 Update: Awesome news! Lunchbox just launched an incredible new product, their Clear Hydration Pack which is PERFECT for festival attendees going to events that have a clear backpack policy. 

Lunchbox Festival Hydration Backpack 2.0Lunchbox Festival Hydration Backpack 2.0


2) Festival Kimono 

I’ve been going to festivals for over 15 years now, but recently my favorite item on my list of festival must haves is a stylish KIMONO! They’re incredib;y fun, and I ALWAYS get a ton of compliments when I wear mine. I think they look great on both men and women and it’s a fun festival accessory that can be really useful!

I wore one pretty much every day when I attended SXM Festival in St. Martin, and it is officially a staple in my festival fashion. They’re lightweight which means they can be easily stashed in my backpack, but also can provide a layer for if gets cold. 

I personally love the style of this Psychedelic Rainbow Mushroom Festival Kimono, but there are tons of options out there! 

Festival KimonoFestival Kimono


3) Portable Charger

If you’re anything like me at music festivals, you’re probably using your phone quite often to take photos with your friends, record your favorite artist’s sets, and post Instagram stories, Snapchats, or to go live on Facebook.  Your phone is also crucial to ordering Ubers to get home at the end of the night and messaging friends throughout the day. I’d definitely say it’s one of the most common pieces of equipment used at festival dance events. 

So with that being said – you need to make sure your phone is charged at all times!  I always carry a backpack that has at least one or two fully charged portable chargers, because they really do come in handy often!

While I do think any portable charger will really do the job, here is what I use and would definitely recommend:


Anker PowerCore Portable ChargerI think this might just be the BEST option for music festivals! It’s extremely lightweight and small, so won’t be an inconvenience to carry around during the day – but it also packs a big punch with 10,000 mah capacity. 

This means it can charge an iPhone X 2.6 times, an iPhone 7 3.6 times, and a Galaxy S9 2.3 times.  It’s also one of the most cost-efficient portable chargers priced at $25.99.  It’s one of Amazon’s top recommended products, and is highly reviewed! 

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Anker PowerCore Portable ChargerAnker PowerCore Portable Charger

Festival AccessoriesFestival Accessories


4) Festival Fanny Pack | Bum Bags

Not a fan of wearing a backpack at festivals…?  I completely understand, but you’re still going to need somewhere to hold your stuff!  Luckily, festival fanny packs (or bumbags depending on where you’re from) have made a fashionable return thanks to music festivals, and companies are creating some truly awesome styles to keep you looking good on the dance floor. 

It really just depends on how big of a pack you need, and what you plan on putting inside.  In my experience, a decent-sized bag will definitely be useful, as you never know what you’ll need to store. Check out some of my favorites below. I’ve purchased both of these and worn them at music festivals in Australia as well as California festivals.

SoJourner Holographic Rave: Colorful, shiny, and multiple designs.  The SoJourner brand is well respected, and I really love my fanny pack I bought from them last year!  It’ll fit well, look great, and comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

I’ve personally bought two of these in the past couple of years, and SoJourner really does deliver an incredible product line of rave essentials that are affordable!

Read Reviews & Browse Designs

Festival AccessoriesFestival Accessories


5) Polarized Sunglasses 

You can’t go to a music festival without a comfortable pair of sunnies!  I typically bring two pairs (with one as backup in my bag) just in case myself or a friend loses theirs.  I have sensitive eyes thanks to Lasik eye surgery, and I really don’t like direct sunlight.  I even get some use out of these at night, because the mainstages at festivals – lights are crazy bright, and the light shows are just a bit intense.

There are some really cheap and affordable pairs online that will do the job perfectly.  I would personally leave the designer glasses at home during music festivals because I feel like it’s a pretty common item to lose!  For example, I lost my favorite pair of RayBan’s during Outside Lands Festival 2018.

Retro Classic Polarized Sunglasses: These are proof you won’t need to spend $200 for a sturdy and comfortable pair of stylish sunglasses.  I wear the “Wayfarer” style pretty much every day of my life and have personally ordered this brand several times (I lose sunglasses quite often, unfortunately).

SOJOS Round Classic Polarized Sunglasses: These have become a new favorite of mine, and I wear them at the majority of festivals I attend, as well as at Burning Man. They’re super comfortable for all-day wear, and I LOVE the round design. But obviously, there are endless amounts of sunglasses available – so just find the pair that’s right for you!

Festival GearFestival Gear


6) Festival Bandana

The bandana has become a staple when it comes to festival accessories and rave gear, and I think it’s a really great look!  They’re practical as well, and can be used in tons of different ways.

Check out this awesome video about different ways you can wear a bandana to a festival.  I’m personally a big fan of this style, and I’m pretty much always rocking bandanas no matter what event I’m at.

Price: $13.99 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)


7) Comfortable Festival Shoes

What are the best shoes to wear to a music festival…? Well, that’s a good question – and there are tons of different answers!  I think the most important thing is that they are comfy, and won’t have a problem walking/ dancing in them all day!

Here are just a couple of popular and affordable pairs that I know would be great for music festivals:

  • Canyon Ashpalt Grey shoes – I absolutely LOVE my pair of TropicFeel shoes, as they are all-terrain sneakers with 4-in-1 versatility. They are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them being destroyed in the rain.
  • Adidas Campus Sneakers  – These have been my go-to festival shoe for quite a while!  I’ve always loved the simplistic style with the classic three stripes on the side.  They’ve got a bunch of different colors, and they’re decently affordable.  I’ve definitely boughten several pairs of these in the past couple of years.
  • Vans Authentic Trainers  – You can never go wrong with a pair of Vans!  These go with every festival outfit, are perfect for long days out exploring and perfect for everyday use.

Festival AccessoriesFestival Accessories


8) Earplugs For Festivals

Let’s talk about ear safety! It’s obviously extremely loud at festivals/ raves, and you NEED to take some precautions to keep yourself from experiencing permanent hearing loss! Unfortunately, I feel like I’ve already done some serious damage to my eardrums at music festivals, and there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

I can’t believe how many I see at the very front of music festival stages without this festival essential, because it really can cause some serious issues for you in the future.  Take it from me – buy yourself some decent earplugs, and protect yourself!!

You obviously don’t need to wear them the whole festival, but just when you’re at a festival and you can feel that the bass is rather heavy!  Read this article 7 Tips To Protect Your Ears During Festival Season if you need more convincing!

There are a ton of different brands out there, but I think it’d be best to invest in a professional pair!  They can make a big difference!

EarGasm High Fidelity for Festivals: “Protect yourself from harmful noise levels at loud festivals. Preserve sound quality with our patent pending innovative attenuation filters. Reduces noise evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound while protecting hearing. Won’t muffle music or voices as foam plugs do.” 

Browse Options, Read Reviews & Check Availability

Festival Gear EarplugsFestival Gear Earplugs


9) Bio-Degradable Glitter

Glitter has definitely become a festival favorite in recent years, and it really can be a pretty epic addition to your festival outfit.  While this is probably more common among the ladies, I’ve seen plenty of gentleman rock glitter on their faces & arms at various festivals.

What’s great is that you can buy a combo pack of different colors, and match it to your festival outfits each day. Here are a few awesome and budget-friendly for top-notch bio-degradable festival glitter!

Unicorn Snot BIO Glitter Holographic Body Glitter:  “Soft and safe to use on your face and skin as glitter makeup, kids glitter crafts, glitter tattoos, sparkly slime etc. Mix with Aloe gel for a natural, safe way to apply for children.”

ELECTRIK Holographic Chunky Glitter (Various Colors)  – “Electrik Glitter is a holographic chunky festival & rave cosmetic grade glitter sourced from the plant cellulose found in Eucalyptus Tree’s. Perfect for face body hair and nails.  Our glitter degrades with the presence of micro-organisms found in the oceans, or in the dirt/grass at a music festival. Plastic and polyester glitter takes up to 400 years to biodegrade!”

Festival GearFestival Gear


10) Festival/Rave Folding Fan

Music Festivals can get super hot and sweaty, and having one of these large handheld fans can be a game-changer! I recently added a music festival in Bali (where I’m currently living), and bringing one of these was so fantastic! 

Not only is it one of the most fun and fashionable festival accessories, but it’s super lightweight and useful!  I also found it to be a really helpful and fun way to make friends, lol.  If you’re going to parting somewhere super hot, then definitely bring along one of these.  I also just discovered this awesome company that makes these perfect festival gear.

Festival Fan – Large Folding Fan for Raves: Offering 18 different and colorful options, SoJourner delivers high-quality options for fans that are simply tons of fun! My personal favorites include PRIDE flags, as well as one that says “Boo You Whore” & “Daddy”.

Browse Designs, Read Reviews & Check Availability

PSA – Just be sure to NEVER partake in Fan clacking! It’s super annoying the rest of festival attendees.

Festival GearFestival Gear


11) Strobing Electroluminescent LED Wire

This cheap glowing LED wire is a super easy way to make a simple festival outfit pop!  I’ve tried and tested this myself, and I just love it.   Just put the battery pack in your bumbag, and wrap it around your waist, up through your jacket, or around your hat.  Tons of different things to do with it, but it’s a really great look!

I’ve bought so many of these now I can’t even count, but I use them for lighting up my campsite, my bike at Burning Man, and will wrap them through my backpack, and wear them around my neck like a necklace. 

So many different ways to incorporate these into your style, so be sure add this to your festival gear list! They’re also cheap costing only $8, so it’s an easy and affordable way to brighten yourself up at festivals!

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Festival EssentialsFestival Essentials


12) Festival Leggings

In recent years, I’ve become a huge fan of wearing leggings to festivals!  My friend gifted me a pair at Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and ever since I’ve been addicted.  I wear a pair of leggings at almost every festival now, and I personally think they are an essential festival gear must-have!

There are so many companies that make quality products, but here a couple I recommend.

Revolver Fashion Leggings: I actually met the owners of this small boutique festival accessory company, and I’ve been loving their product line ever since.  Really awesome people and they make some epic stuff. I have 3 or four different pairs of their leggings, and they’re extremely comfortable made with high-quality material, and are machine washable (which makes everything a lot easier). 

Ndoobiy Women’s Yoga/ Festival Leggings: For only $12.99, you can choose between 30+ different designs of amazing leggings!  If you’re on a tigher budget but still want a great and stylish product, then I’d go with this one.  “88% polyester, 12% spandex.Super Soft, Light, and Comfortable Leggings. Easy to dress up or down! Buttery smooth and soft fabric quality.  One Size Fits (0-12)Plus Size Fits (12-24). Consists of strong stretchy elastic waistband to give you an overall comfortable experience.  No fade or shrink: 3D print is used in our pattern, making the pattern unique and beautiful. The high quality of 3D print tech also ensures that the leggings don’t fade or shrink after washing.

Festival Must HavesFestival Must Haves


13) Festival Face Mask

I’ve become a big fan of all of these different face masks, and they’re perfect for the late-night festival look.  If you combine it with a cool hat and some sunglasses, it can be quite fashionable.  As well, it can be really practical if you’re attending a music festival with crazy weather/ dust storms.  I also use mine when I’m in a Porter potty to block the nasty smell from entering my nose, lol.

I personally bought 2x of these Into the AM face masks, and you’ll definitely find at least one or two designs yourself that will match perfectly with your outfits. There are quite a few different ways you can style them, they’re functional with being lightweight, breathable, and offering sun protection – and offer a quick dry fabric!

It’s on my list of festival accessories for good reason, because there’s nothing worse than getting sunburned, stuck in a dust storm, or smelling bad things in bathrooms. 

Browse Designs & Check Availability)

Festival Packing ListFestival Packing List


14) Funky Festival Socks

I feel like socks are often overlooked when you think about different outfits/ festival accessories, but I know that an epic pair of socks can really make an outfit pop!  There are quite literally hundreds of different colorful socks online, it’s just finding the right pair that you really love:

I’m personally a huge fan of these WeciBor Men’s Colorful Fancy Socks.  They’ve got so many epic designs, the material is high-quality, and everyone on Amazon seems to love them!

While socks may not come to mind when you think of festival gear, I love getting compliments on mine when I’m on the dancefloor!

Read Reviews, Browse Designs & Check Availability 

Festival AccessoriesFestival Accessories


15) State/ Country Flag

Ever since attending Tomorrowland for the first time back in 2012, I have LOVED carrying around and repping my California flag when I’m at different festivals.  It’s a fantastic way to meet people, and really is a super cheap and fun festival must have!

I particularly like repping my flag when I’m traveling to festivals overseas.  If you’re going to a local festival in your home state, you could always just use it as a flag for your campsite.

Festival Gear and EssentialsFestival Gear and Essentials


16) Temporary Gold Tattoos

Want to bring your festival outfits up to the next level?  Then buy a packet of these awesome gold temporary tattoos for your face and arms!  I think these beautiful gold temporary tattoos are guaranteed to be loved at any festival! 

So comfortable you may forget you are wearing them, but because those around you will be so enchanted by your charm and prowess, you will soon remember.

Long lasting, water-proof, non-toxic temporary tattoos with high-intensity shine.

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Festival AccessoriesFestival Accessories


17) Baby Wipes

Never underestimate the power of having baby wipes at music festivals!!  As much as I love a good festival, they can also be pretty grimy places! This tends to happen when you get a ton of sweaty drunk people all dancing around together, lol.

I never go to the bathroom at a music festival without being locked and loaded with some refreshing baby wipes, and I think it’s one of the most important festival accessories!  I’ve tried a bunch of different brands before, but I honestly love the new Amazon Elements brand.  Value pack, so you can stock up and keep some in your car, campsite, and backpack

They’re also always a great gift to share with new festival friends!

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Best Festival Gear OutfitsBest Festival Gear Outfits


18) Faux Fur Animal Spirit Hood

I never started wearing these until recently, but after I bought one a few months ago for a new music festival, I must say I absolutely love it!  It’s really fun and festival fashionable, and I really love all the various options available. 

Most of these faux fur animal spirit hoods include pockets in “paws”, extremely comfortable material, and will make any festival outfit look fantastic while keeping you warm at the same time!

Best Festival OutfitsBest Festival Outfits


19) Cat Eye Sunglasses

I don’t know when this particular style of cat eye sunglasses became popular, but I absolutely love them!  I wore a pair of these every day at a music festival in Australia called Lost Paradise, and everyone loved them!  If they’re paired with a nice necklace/bandana, it could a be super funky festival gear look!   

I love the massive cat-eye shape, and there are dozens of color combinations to choose from.  I’ve personally bought two pairs of these for my next camping festival, and can’t wait to rock them with pride!

There are tons of colors/options available, and whenever I wear these I get tons of compliments from fellow festival attendees! They look really cool, and fit nicely on the face.

Browse Designs & Check Availability

Festival Accessories and EssentialsFestival Accessories and Essentials


20) Waterproof Rain Poncho 

Where is your next music festival going to be…?  Have you checked the weather?  Unfortunately, rainy days can happen at music festivals, so it can be a smart decision to come prepared and bring a fun and colorful poncho to keep you relatively dry! 

This is 100% essential if you’re going to music festivals in places like Washington, OregonScotland, Iceland, or Leeds for example.

I love this brand Freesmily because they have dozens of different colors and designs, and it’s one of Amazon’s top recommend products.  “Material: 100% polyester fiber. Environmental, reused, quick clean and dry.  

Browse Designs & Check Availability

Festival Must HavesFestival Must Haves


21) Emazing Lights LED Rave Gloves

Whether you want to give people light shows or just have fingers that glow, a pair of rave gloves can be an awesome addition to your festival accessories.  They’re quite popular at raves, and I’ll always enjoy watching “glovers” give mesmerizing performances to people for their first time, lol.

When I was a hard-core raver many years ago and attending festivals like EDC & Beyond Wonderland, my rave squad and I would spend the entire festival blowing people’s minds with our gloving skills!  While I haven’t done that in a really long time, it’s still tons of fun!

Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank – don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs! I’ve always been a big fan of Emazing Lights, and they’re always creating a wide variety of cool rave essentials and festival must-haves to enhance your experience!

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Rave Gear Must HavesRave Gear Must Haves


22) GloFX Ultimate 3D Diffraction Glasses

If you’ve looked through a pair of these before, you know how cool they are!!  If you’re at a festival with lots of laser and bright lights (which hopefully is every festival you attend), then bringing a pair of these GloFX diffraction glasses along will be perfect for some visual stimulation! 

This comes complete with “Laser Etched Hard Plastic Lenses, Indestructible True-Flex PVC Frame, and 3 Times the Diffraction of Competitors.” 

Combine these with the LED Gloves, and it’s a truly insane festival accessory that everyone will enjoy to look through!

Reviews & Check Availability

Rave AccessoriesRave Accessories


23) LED Hula Hoop

Have you ever seen those people who are ridiculously good at hula hooping…?  I see them all the time at music festivals because it’s the perfect place to practice this unique art form.  While I am super bad at this myself, I think it’s a pretty fun festival must have for certain people! Complete with LED lights, this will definitely be a hit at your next festival.

This SIKWO Led Hula Hoop is really well made – and offers two different sizes that come with 24 LED beads that can be programmed for strobing in different patterns flashing, showing 10 different colors, making the hoop look like a flying rainbow in the air!

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Rave Gear EssentialsRave Gear Essentials


24) SZTOPFOCUS Fluffy Faux Fur LED Coat

Want to really shine bright…?  Why not wear this coat that’s loaded with colorful LED lights in the lining?  I see at least one or two people wearing something like this at every festival I go to, and every time I’m blown away by how cool these LED coats are! 

There are actually quite a few different companies that make these, as they’ve become quite popular in the festival fashion world! I’ve purchased this SZTOPFOCUS Fluffy Faux Fur LED Coat in the past and I really love rocking it at festivals/ Burning Man. 

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Best Festival AccessoriesBest Festival Accessories


25) WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger

Have you ever wanted to sit down at a festival, but not on the grass or dirt?  Well, now you don’t have to.  I’ve seen a lot of people recently bring these to festivals in their backpacks, and I think it’s such an awesome idea.  These inflatable loungers are lightweight, easy to use, and would be a pretty epic addition to your festival accessories.

If you don’t want to bring it inside the festival with you, this would still be ideal for your festival campsite!

They’re really easy to inflate as no pump is required (you can whisk it through the air to inflate), it has a really awesome pillow-shaped headrest for upper back and neck support, a unique patented design anti-deflation design, and also comes with a carry bag, stake, and bottle opener! A really fantastic deal!

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Festival Packing ListFestival Packing List


26) LED Light-up Shoelaces

One of the easiest and best ways to pimp out your shoes is to simply put on these LED shoelaces.  They’ll make you look even extra amazing when you’re cutting shapes all night long.

5 different colors, 4 modes to choose–stay on, blink fast, blink slow and off. They last about 40 hours when the light stays on, 60-80 hours flashing! It’s a super easy item to add to your festival accessories shopping list, and an easy way to elevate your outfit! 

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Festival AccessoriesFestival Accessories


27) Glow Sticks Festival Accessories Party Park

Glowsticks and festival gear are essentially like peanut butter and jelly!  I bring glowsticks to the majority of music festivals I attend and love giving them out to people I meet.  It’s also a great way to decorate clothing, hats, vests, etc.  I tend to give them to my friends/festival squad as well, which makes it much easier to spot them in the crowd.

One box contains 200  different 8″ glow sticks, 200 bracelet connectors, 12 flower/ball connectors, 10 luminous eyeglasses kits, 5 skull glasses kits, 5 triple bracelet connectors, 5 butterfly bracelet connectors – and if you don’t crack/activate the sticks, you can keep them and use them at your next festival.

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Festival GearFestival Gear


28) GloFX Space Whip

If you’ve been to a festival or rave in the past year, you’ve probably seen one or two of these!  It’s basically an epic mystical whip that looks amazing on the dance floor.  I’ve played with these a couple of different times now, and I love them!  While I don’t personally own one, I do enjoy seeing them at festivals.

Perfect for festivals and dance floors, this GloFX Space Whip offers 5 customizable color sets, tons of unique features, 130+ high-quality fibers, and a life-time warranty so you’ll never have to replace a broken one!

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Festival AccessoriesFestival Accessories


29) A Funky Wig

Have you ever worn a wig to a festival?  It can really take your outfit to another level, as well as feel super liberating!  Festivals are a place to dress up however you want, and I think adding a wig can really make a difference.  I’ve tried out a few different wigs in my days and loved it every single time!

There are literally infinite styles and different colors of wigs available out there, so it’s just finding one or two that you really love. Just search online for a bit and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

A couple of my festivals friends have rocked this Light Blue Wig and I think it looks so cool!

Read Reviews & Browse Options

Festival Must HavesFestival Must Haves



Have you ever played with Poi before…?  Well, music festivals are the best places to practice! I’m not poi expert, but I do have a pair of these that I love playing around with a little during music festivals.

This company is actually Amazon’s recommended choice, has excellent reviews, and aren’t expensive at all.  Even if you don’t get too much out out of them, I still think you’ll be glad you brought them!

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Rave EssentialsRave Essentials


31) Reversible Sequin Rave Hood

Shield yourself from the elements in style with this Adela Boutique Mermaid Sequin Rave Hood! Offered in four different colors, this sparkly sequin hood is a really fun rave accessory that will make you look amazing!

When flipping the sequins, it will change to another color, so that you can draw different patterns (which is always a ton of fun), and it comes with a gold chain that really brings the look together!

Browse Styles & Check Availability

Music Festival GearMusic Festival Gear


32) The WineRack

Looking for a way to sneak alcohol into the festival…? Well, this is a great option! I can’t say that I know from experience, but after reading some reviews The Wine Rack sounds like it can be totally amazing.

It holds a full bottle of wine, but of course, you can put any type of liquor in this instead! It can be a bit sketchy to try and sneak booze into the rave, but I think this is a pretty easy way to do it!

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Festival GearFestival Gear


33) Butterfly Wings Shawl 

“Butterflies are God’s confetti, thrown upon the Earth in celebration of His love”

Complete your outfit with one of these epic butterfly shawls! They’re lightweight and comfortable, and you’ll definitely be turning some heads walking around in this festival gear.

There are nine different beautiful designs to choose from, and would make for an easy and fun festival outfit!

Browse Colors & Check Availability

Butterfly Wings Shawl - Festival AccessoriesButterfly Wings Shawl - Festival Accessories


34) Face & Body Jewels/ Rhinestones

“The jewels are your secret formula to release your superstar glow. Dance, laugh, love and shine your inner light. Wear these on your forehead at weddings and festivals, on your cheekbones in Ibiza, in your hair braids for summer pool parties and on your nails for embellished nail art.

Jewelry-inspired self-adhesive body and face jewels. All gems come pre-attached so application is quick and easy; just peel and stick so there’s no need for the individual rhinestone application. Apply just like any other sticker and can be reused several times over. Once the glue has dried out they can be reapplied with eyelash or body glue.”

Mermaid Festival Crystals | $12.99

Face Jewels Gem | $12.99

Festival EssentialsFestival Essentials


35) Desert Scarf / Pashmina Shawl

A desert headscarf or a pashmina shawl can be a really stylish look for your next festival.  With lots of different ways of wrapping it, and loads of colors and styles to choose from – it’s one of my personal favorite festival must haves.  While it’s obviously essential at places like Burning Man, it looks good everywhere else!

Take a this amazing Desert Headscarf or this Pashmina Shawl for different fashion ideas for what to wear to a rave!

Festival gearFestival gear


36) Men’s LED Suspenders & Bow Tie

Light up for the party!

Want to look a bit fancy at your next festival/rave…?  I think these LED suspenders and bowtie combo would look would be absolutely hilarious, as well as damn fashionable.  Pair it with a cool shirt or nothing at all. While this particular rave look might not be for everyone, I personally love the suspender look.

Read Reviews & Check Availability

LED Suspenders & Bow Tie - what to wear to a raveLED Suspenders & Bow Tie - what to wear to a rave


37) Bohemian Flower Headband

” This bohemian floral halo headpiece is appropriate for any occasion, such as festivals, weddings, club nights, beach days, and bachelorette parties! 

These have become super popular at music festivals in recent years and for a good reason! I think they look fantastic and can be the perfect accessory to well with a nice sunny/floral outfit.

There are TONS of different options and styles to choose from, so it’s super easy to pair with your festivals outfits/ color schemes.

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Festival AccessoriesFestival Accessories


38) INTO THE AM Men’s Graphic Tank Top 

These designs are so damn cool!  Take a look through their catalog, and I guarantee you’ll find one or two that you’ll want to buy right away.

“Make the universe your playground with this collection of premium graphic tank tops. Sewn from ultra-soft cotton and printed with the most vibrant inks available, these men’s tanks are sure to become your new go-to.

They’re designed to survive through hundreds of washes without shrinking or fading, so they will always look as good as the first day you wear it. These lightweight, sleeveless tank tops feature a tagless back for extra comfort.”

I’ve been a fan of Into The AM for years now, and have at least a dozen of their unique T-Shirt designs in my closet. They look great at festivals!

Browse Designs & Check Availability

Festival AccessoriesFestival Accessories


39) RaveAid: Festival Recovery Supplement

RaveAid has made a massive splash in the festival/nightlife industry, as it’s designed to be help recover from the intense physical and mental stimulation that can occur at electronic dance music events!

It’s packed with antioxidants to eliminate harmful free radicals and protect against toxic damage to promote fast recovery, as well as magnesium which helps relax muscles (especially for jaw clenching and muscle cramping).

Of course, it wouldn’t be Rave Aid without the rave essential staple, 5HTP to make sure your brain is properly producing seratonin!

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Rave Aid - Rave EssentialsRave Aid - Rave Essentials


40) Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm

Festivals can be very drying on your lips, so I think carrying some really nice moisturizing lip balm is absolutely essential!  If you want to take it to the next level, just attach it to a belt loop, and use it as needed.  I’m a big fan Burt’s Bees, and never go to a festival with it!

They’ve got some really cool flavors to choose from as well which can taste particularly amazing if you’re under the influence, lol.


41) Venus to Mars Female Urination Device

While I have never needed to use this, I could only imagine how big of a lifesaver this can be for the ladies attending music festivals!  Porter potties tend to be disgusting places, so this little contraption can really be a game-changer!

With this Venus To Mars Female Urination Device, women will yu no longer have to squat over dirty porta potties or crouch behind bushes. It’s easy to use, small, and all my female raver friends have said it’s an awesome item they love to have with them at festivals. It’s small, lightweight, and foldable making it easy to pack along with you!

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Venus to Mars Female Urination Device - Festival Accessories for WomenVenus to Mars Female Urination Device - Festival Accessories for Women


42) GoPro Hero 11 Black

Last, but certainly not least, I bought my GoPro Hero 11 Black a few months ago, and it’s honestly one of my new favorite possessions! 

I obviously get a lot out of it as a professional travel blogger, but I think it’s also a really awesome camera to use at festivals! It’s super compact, and the footage is truly epic!  The video stabilization is seriously out of this world, and you’ll be able to capture some really great moments using it.

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GoPro Hero 11 BlackGoPro Hero 11 Black


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I’m always adding things to this festival packing list, so just shoot me an email or message me on social media!

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