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This highly-anticipated new track from VELO Sound Station is another masterful creation. Singer Natasha Noorani fearlessly explores the interplay of light and dark, finding solace in her own radiant strength. The song ‘Chamkeela’ unveils her personal quest of self-discovery and healing, igniting a transformative spark within us all.

The soulful lyrics, a shining literary treasure by Natasha, Zeerak Ahmed and Maanu, explore the ascent of the human spirit from the shadows of its own inner struggles. For the artist, it is an ode to women who have illuminated the path for others with their invincible inner strength.

Thoughtfully visualised by the directors, Zeeshan Parwez and Kamal Khan, the performance brings the artist’s inner discourse to life in a marvel of gold, fire and light. The metaphorical imagery of being born from flames, reminds us that we have the ability to create our own light in the darkest of times.

Choreographed beautifully by Zahshanne Malik, Chamkeela stages an enchantress winged by a troupe of graceful dancers, steering our emotions through the performance. Thrown in, for the surrealistic effect are Danish’s immaculate VFX designs that elevate the visual experience to the next level.

Chamkeela rejoices in our cultural heritage while staying true to Velo Sound Station’s innate modernism, giving birth to a new facet of pop sound- “dholki-pop.’ It beautifully weaves traditional sounds like the shehnai, with modern electronic beats, and Natasha’s soulful voice, inspired by the 60’s Lollywood-esque vocals.

In Chamkeela, gorgeous Natasha boldly steps into the character of a phoenix rising from the shimmering ashes. Clad in a bold gold full-length dress, she complements it with her signature long locks crafted into luxuriant waves; exuding femininity by the innovative Saima Bargfrede. Always game for statement make-up, Saima adds to the drama with a glittery eye.

VELO Sound Station Season 2 is represented by a team of passionate dream-weavers who attempt to discover shared emotion through music. The season features 13 tracks by leading and emerging Pakistani artists and music producers, with each track being presented as an audio-visual experience for the digital audience.

This season is produced by a dynamic, experienced team under the mentorship and supervision of Ruhail Hyatt.

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