Average person has five people they can lean on for anything, according to survey

An average person has five people in their life they can lean on for anything, according to a new survey.

A new survey by One Poll looked at 2,000 American citizens’ relationships and how grateful they felt about them in their lives.

The results found that seven in 10 responders felt more thankful for the people in their lives in 2022 as compared to last year.

Furthermore, nearly three-quarters of respondents agreed that strong partnerships “help simplify the complexities of life”.

Outside of their close and immediate circle, the survey found that people have the best relationships with their neighbours and doctors. A third of respondents also said that one of their strongest bonds is with a co-worker.

Approximately 40 per cent of responders mentioned that they have a unique relationship with people who have small businesses as they understand their needs.

“The foundation for fulfilling relationships is similar, whether with a family member, coworker, healthcare provider or a neighborhood small business,” the head of marketing at SurePayroll, Jenna Shklyar, said in a statement.

Half of the responders highlighted that they find it difficult to form relationships with strangers. They said that it gets even worse as they get older.

Around 63 per cent of people agreed that they try their best to keep in touch with their friends, co-workers, family and colleagues during holiday seasons.

In fact, half of those surveyed use technology more during the holiday season to keep in touch with loved ones than at other times of the year.

“Americans crave connection – especially during the holidays – and prioritise trust in their personal and business relationships,” Shkylar said.

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