‘Black Panther’ star spills the beans on the third movie in franchise

‘Black Panther’ star spills the beans on the third movie in franchise

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star Lupita Nyong’o teased massive changes are about to happen for the franchise.

The Oscar winner spilt beans on his character’s future to Digital Spy that she wasn’t sure at the moment, adding, “Right now, it’ll take people seeing the film to fully grasp what the possibilities are, and we take it from there. You know, I could not have predicted where we would go with this second film.”

“Both imaginatively and just circumstantially, with what happened,” Duke added of star Chadwick Boseman’s death. “None of us saw any of this happening.”

“We did not imagine a world where Chadwick wouldn’t be around. It just really shakes you. It shakes you, and it makes you realise, ‘Look, the future is far, and the future is unpredictable.’ It makes you value the presence a whole lot more when you experience something like that, Nyong’o added.

“This story was borne of that – the urgency of losing him,” she added, “and having to refocus everything, and so for me, when I think about imagining Nakia – right now, I’m just looking forward to her getting out in the world, at this stage, and then being open to whatever will come next. But I think what has happened in this film leaves us with quite a few options.”

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently running in theatres worldwide.

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