Bucket-list These Unique Australian Natural Experiences for The Summer

Last Updated: March 27, 2023, 17:51 IST

Check out these mesmerising locations in Australia to add to your bucket list.

One-of-a-kind sensory experience in Gold Coast to Queensland’s Champagne Pools, check out the list of exotic locations in Australia to add to your bucket list for summer.

With rising temperatures that are likely to continue going up, there’s no better way to beat the heat than by putting your calendar leaves to use and planning for your summer holiday. For the discerning traveller who may have not yet figured out where they are looking to go, travelling for self-care is definitely an option to consider. So, if you are looking to escape into nature, Australia has a plethora of natural spas, thermal pools, etc. that make for the perfect detox vacay.

Take a dip into Queensland’s Champagne Pools

CHAMPAGNE POOLS Kâ€Â™gari (Fraser Island)
CHAMPAGNE POOLS Kâ€Â™gari (Fraser Island)

Fraser Island also known as K’gari is most famous for being the world’s biggest sand island that houses dingoes, a rainforest, a beach highway, and several freshwater lakes. But the crowned jewel to this sand island is its saltwater Champagne Pools. These naturally formed rock pools create a collection of shallow swimming holes right on the edge of the ocean with a stellar view of the sea and horizon. Just like the name suggests, with each wave, the pools are renewed with water, creating a bubbly seafoam that fizzes around you creating a natural jacuzzi. Soak in the Champagne waters, as the waves hit you with a different kind of high.

Experience a Tasmanian Nature Treatment at Saffire Freycinet

Saffire, Luxury Lodges of Australia – Freycinet, Tasmania

One for nature lovers: Tasmania’s scenic east coast has a hidden gem called Freycinet, known for its wild and rugged beauty – think towering pink mountains that meet calm, blue waters, and secluded bays. A coastal sanctuary on the east coast of Tasmania, the Saffire Freycinet offers natural and authentic Australian treatments. Here, you can indulge yourself to a spa treatment that specializes in the use of local ingredients like ground macadamia shell, bamboo enriched with ginseng, echinacea, oat flour, soothing chamomile, and vitamin E, for a refined and renewed skin texture.

Discover South Australia’s peculiar natural phenomenon in the Eyre Peninsula

The Eyre Peninsula is a wonderland with a multitude of naturally distinct landscapes, including sheer cliffs, caves, crevasses, blowholes, and swimming spots, along with some serene rock pools. Whalers Way, which is a natural spa at the tip of the Southern Eyre Peninsula offers the most spectacular coastal views in the state, which are even accessible for getting more memories on the gram. Apart from giving you total privacy you have the option to even stay overnight if you’re an intrepid camper.

Find tranquility at Western Australia’s Injidup Beach

Injidup Natural Spa

The Margaret River region in Western Australia is famous for its world-class waves, but you don’t have to be a surfer to appreciate them. At Injidup Beach, near the town of Yallingup, there’s a certain spot where the waves cascade through narrow gaps and over rocks into a clear rock pool, creating just the right amount of bubbles and foam to make you feel like you’re in the world’s most spectacular jacuzzi.

Get lost in a one-of-a-kind sensory experience in Gold Coast

A guest receiving a face massage in the Spa Sanctuary

As uplifting as it is deeply calming, the award-winning Spirit of Sound experience is choreographed to a bespoke selection of music featuring live drums and percussion. Exclusive to the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland, it uses a fusion of massage techniques, including Kahuna bodywork and heated Basalt stones. The 80-minute sensory experience is for both the masculine and feminine within the human body and acts like a ‘wake up’ for the cells while simultaneously soothing the nervous system, leaving you with a deep sense of calm.

Explore the unique water bodies in Northern Territory

Swimmer cooling off in Bitter Springs, NT a crystal clear spring-fed thermal pools with an ideal temperature (32 degrees celsius)

Pass a day in tranquility, as you ease into Bitter Springs, which is a waterhole in the outback of the Elsey National Park, in Northern Territory. Let the calm current carry you along, then climb out of the springs and follow the path beneath fan palms back to the beginning and do it all over again. Also in Northern Territory is the famous Mataranka Thermal Pool. Here you can submerge yourself in the rejuvenating hot waters surrounded by the towering trees of the national park for a truly calming and tranquil experience in touch with nature.

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