Cardi B’s commentary on ‘The Crown’ likely to anger royal fans

Cardi B’s commentary on ‘The Crown’ likely to anger royal fans 

Cardi B has revealed her favorite character shown in Netflix series “The Crown”.

Her commentary on the episodes she has watched so far suggests the songwriter would insult King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla.

The American rapper said she liked Princess Margaret. “I can see me smoking cigarettes and eating biscuits with her.”

Cardi B used expletive-laden language about Queen Elizabeth when she was asked to comment on Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

Answering the question she said, “I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m on episode 13 when Prince Philip comes back and Queen Elizabeth ain’t gave him no ….”

Cardi Bs commentary on The Crown likely to anger royal fans

The language used by the rapper is likely to spark anger in the United Kingdom where monarchists have raised objections to “The Crown”.

The royal family also dislikes the portrayal of some of its members.

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