Couple forces plane to disembark after rushing onboard without bag check-in

A couple was allegedly put on a “no-fly” list after they boarded a Frontier flight without checking their bags or boarding passes, forcing all other passengers to disembark the plane.

The viral video was captured by TikTok user @sunny.and.golden before being removed from the platform for “harassment and bullying”. In the clip, which has since been reposted to Instagram, a couple is seen yelling at cabin crew who told them the plane would not be able to take off unless they disembarked. All passengers were allegedly told to deplane so that airline authorities could intervene.

“How my Frontier trip experience went last night,” began Instagram user @nikki__le, referring to Frontier Airlines. At the start of the video, passengers were shown weighing their checked and carry-on bags before boarding the flight.

“If your bag doesn’t fit, you gotta pay up,” she wrote in the clip.

On the plane, two airline staff are seen pleading with two passengers, who allegedly skipped through security measures, to leave the plane.

“This couple bolted through and skipped bag measures and boarding pass scanning. Refused to get off the plane,” said Instagram user Nikki.

Footage shows one of the cabin crew telling the passengers, “You guys need to come now,” before another employee chimes in, “You guys need to come out or we’re gonna have to deplane the entire plane.”

Fellow passengers were also heard shouting at the couple to “get off the plane” so they can finally depart. The woman who recorded the heated interaction claimed: “They said ‘if we get off, y’all gettin off too.’”

Then, one of the duo is heard telling the cabin crew: “We paid for our ticket just like y’all. We paid just like y’all. I’m not getting off the plane.”

She continued: “We’re tired! We’ve been flying for 20 mother***ing hours with our money. You don’t know what the **** we’ve been through. Since 5:20, and we got to this airport two hours early. We’re tired. We’re not going nowhere.”

The person who uploaded the video went on to claim that all passengers had to disembark the plane, before “cops came on after we deplaned and escorted them off.”

“Then we had to board again,” she said. “They went on the no fly list.”

A “no-fly list” is a list of people who are prohibited from boarding a commercial aircraft for travel. However, certain airlines have their own internal no-fly list for passengers who have disobeyed in-flight instructions.

The Independent has contacted Frontier Airlines for comment.

The viral video is just one of many in-flight incidents recently captured on social media, which shows passengers being escorted off planes for refusing to follow airline instructions. Earlier this month, a woman on a United Airlines flight was met by police on landing after she “shoved” and screamed at crew members while travelling with her child.

The video shows flight attendants attempting to calm the woman, as she screams on the flight that her child “needed to throw up,” while holding her toddler in her arms.

The woman then shoved a female flight attendant, who was later taken to hospital after the plane landed at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Chicago Police responded to the incident, but no injuries were reported.

A separate viral video was shared on social media this month after a woman physically attacked a member of Emirates check-in staff at an airport in Mexico when she missed her flight. The dramatic video shows the woman climbing over the counter, entering several check-in desks and throwing equipment onto the floor, before standing on top of the desks and shouting.The airline revealed that the woman had become angry after she tried to check-in late and was informed by staff that her passport had expired.

“The customer was refused travel and became unruly and physically abusive to the ground staff, making it necessary for airport security and the police to intervene,” Emirates told The Independent. “The safety of our passengers and crew is of critical importance and will not be compromised.”

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