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Actor Wahaj Ali has yet again impressed fans with his romantic hero avatar in the Hania Aamir and Zaviyar Naumaan starrer-Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha. From his expressive eyes to his choice of characters and dialogue delivery, people cannot stop talking about the actor.

While two of his projects are currently airing on TV, some of his fans are already excited for his upcoming dramas and that says a lot about his craft.

Last night, Wahaj’s character, Saad, gracefully let go of his love for Maheer (Hania) because she didn’t share the same romantic feelings for him, and that scene was a winner for all fans of the show. They not only loved the entire characterisation of Saad and the writing but also the way his body language and expressions delivered the selfless love and pain he held from the heartbreak.

“You stole the show last night!” wrote a user on Twitter tagging Wahaj Ali. “Mashallah your eyes are so expressive. The song was blending with your emotions and we could feel it. And the sister-brother bond was very beautifully portrayed,” they added. 

For a user, his character was as strong and emotional as Shah Rukh Khan’s Aman in Kal Ho Naa Ho. “After Kal Ho Na Ho, Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha has managed to make me cry my eyes out. That had Aman and this has Saad. What a performance, Wahaj Ali. I am in awe. This year belongs to you,” wrote the user.

Another fan wanted to extend hugs to Wahaj for the love he lost in the episode.

A tweep praised the versatility of Wahaj’s acting craft. “He doesn’t need a dialogue to express what his character feeling. His eyes will emote all the unsaid emotions,” they said. Another loved how the show did not show a hurt ego or any drama after Maheer rejected Saad’s love. For them, it was respect that mattered the most.

For one fan, Wahaj’s character has all the things they’d ever want in a partner. “Saad is everything I wanted for a male character. Wahaj Ali has absolutely nailed him and made us feel his pain and emotions as if they are our own,” read a tweet.

Unpopular opinion, but a user believed that Wahaj’s presence and Kaifi Khalil’s OST are the only reasons the show is working and they give 80% of the credit to the song.


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