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Fiza Ali, a prominent actor in Pakistan’s drama industry, has ventured into the world of singing after enjoying success in acting and hosting. Known for her entertaining social media posts with her daughter, Ali has gained a significant following for their performances and lighthearted moments together.

In an interview with Urdu News, Ali opened up about the challenges of being a single parent and the importance of standing on her own feet to provide a good life for her daughter. She emphasised the value of independence and education for her daughter, encouraging her to build her own future before considering marriage.

Reflecting on her personal life and journey, Ali shared, “Today, if I have been able to give my daughter a good home, a good life, the main reason is that I am standing on my feet and working. I am not waiting for someone to come and give me money.” She also shed light on her perspective on relationships, highlighting the significance of mutual understanding and compatibility. 

Ali expressed that when a woman feels unheard and her needs are not met, ending the relationship becomes necessary to prevent further damage. The actor further added about the impact of a broken marriage on children and stressed the importance of ending relationships by mutual consent. “When a woman starts feeling like she’s not being heard, she feels that the relationship must be halted so that lives are not ruined further. If there’s anyone who is hurt the most when a husband and wife’s relationship sours, it’s the children,” stated Ali.  

Further talking about the importance of self-development, Ali stated, “I have told my daughter that what I have is my house, you have to build your own house. [You’ve] got to make it strong and then get married. What is the hurry to get married early?”

Pondering on, Ali questioned, “What if she gets married and her husband beats her up and does not give her money to spend? What will she do? If she stands on her feet and has something of her own, she will benefit from it. Why is it that a girl is educated but is then not allowed to stand on her own feet?”

The star also discussed her experience with a past relationship, and what makes or breaks a relationship. “While we were great friends, he never saw me as his wife. I would come back tired from shoots and I didn’t have anyone to watch TV with, no one to feed my cooked meals to.” She recalled how her husband belonged to an “elite class” and would drag her to a party or dinner, with the effort she put into meals being wasted. “When you’re in a relationship, it’s not like the other person has a lot of flaws. It’s that one habit that doesn’t match with you,” stated the model. 

Talking about the same, the actor said, “It is not necessary that if you have a broken relationship with one person, the door is always closed, then there is no way out. There is always a window beyond that door. Therefore, leave the closed door and look at that window. Experience the kind of wind that blows from that window and the happiness you receive. Perhaps, the next time around, a better person enters your life.”

When asked if she plans to marry again, Ali said, ‘I will get married when I find someone who suits me and accepts my daughter Faral and allows me to work.” The star’s candid interview sheds light on her personal journey as a single parent and her determination to provide a secure future for her daughter. Her resilience and focus on independence serve as an inspiration to many, and her message resonates with individuals facing similar circumstances in their personal lives.

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