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Singers, songwriters Annural Khalid and Abdul Hannan have come out with a love ballad that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. The track titled Kehdena is all about confessing love without using words. As it takes a deep dive into the many expressions or glances of love, it incorporates the good ol’ guitar sound that seems lost on the bedroom pop artists of today.

Carrying many soul blues elements, the song takes a subtle departure from everyday pop music and sprinkles some confetti over the standardized potion of electronic music saturating the market. It is a relief, to say the least, in terms of melody and execution. Produced by ChillBazaar and written by Khalid and Hannan, Kehdena offers harmonies that get stuck in your head and catchy lyrics.

Up until now, it seemed like Hannan’s voice was cater made for lo-fi, brooding songs. But in Kehdena, the singer appears all too familiar with his strengths and weaknesses, as he uses this information to the best of his abilities. The feelings of love and romance he emotes without straining his voice and singing in the key he is most comfortable in, can take the listener by surprise.

Khalid, on the other hand, hits all the right notes with her ability to maneuver her voice while keeping the rhythm intact. The song is not demanding in that regard, though. It is simple, with simplistic lyrics and a basic structure that is fuelled by passion and emotions – particularly when the guitar solo comes in.

The music video for the track furthers the imploration for romance in the song. It is candle-lit and beautifully executed. The song is short and sweet so the video manages to capture just enough of Khalid and Hannan. In fact, Kehdena has just the right amount of everything so it is perfect for a long drive, or a short one.

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