Jennifer Garner ‘all too aware’ on Ben Affleck situation with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Garner is worried about ex-husband Ben Affleck disturbed marriage with Jennifer Lopez.

A source close to the actor reveals Garner is sending her sympathies for Ben and is iterating that she “will always feel love” for the actor.

The insider adds: “Jen doesn’t want a full-on war with JLo – it would create difficulties for their co-parenting situation but she’s also sick of bailing Ben out.

“She could be forgiven for saying, ‘I told you so’, but that really isn’t her style. It gives her no pleasure to see the father of her kids in a vulnerable position, but it doesn’t surprise her,” the insider added, noting Garner had warned Ben of his decision to marry.

Jennifer is “all too aware” that Ben is “up to his neck in drama” and has a “pressure cooker marriage” with JLo.

This comes as Affleck fondly praised Jennier Garner for being a great mother to his kids.

“She’s just a fabulous person,” Affleck said of Garner in 2016. “She’s a great mother. She’s a real talent … She’s somebody that I admire and respect and remain excellent friends with.”

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