Kate Middleton ‘left alone’ at King Charles’ birthday event

Kate Middleton was reportedly shunned by King Charles on his 60th birthday in 2008, according to a royal butler.

Prince William’s sweetheart Kate was invited to Charles’ birthday party, held 14 years ago at his then country house on the Highgrove Estate, Tetbury.

Kate was reportedly left “alone” at the event and no one attempted to talk to her as the other guests did not know who she was.

Former royal butler Grant Harrold, who worked for Charles for seven years, said he chatted to Kate until her then-boyfriend, William, came up to them.

Mr Harrold, during his conversation wit MyLondon, claimed: “There was a marquee and everything. I remember Kate was standing in the middle on her own. And nobody was talking to her or going near her because they didn’t know who she was or recognise her. I went over and chatted to her while we waited for Will to come in and it was quite sweet. But, now, could you imagine Kate in the middle of a room and no one speaking to her? It just wouldn’t happen, she’d be mobbed.”

The royal aide continued: “She was just great, she was down to earth, she was fun, with a wonderful sense of humour.”

Grant Harrold has also admitted that Kate, Princess of Wales would be “mobbed” if the same event were to happen today.

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