Kim Kardashian stuck in ‘crazy intense situation’ amid Tom Brady romance

Kim Kardashian yearning to know Tom Brady like a regular person amid new romance 

Kim Kardashian has been yearning to know her new beau Tom Brady like a normal person but media scrutiny is making it near to impossible.

The reality TV megastar wants to go on a few dates and get to know the former NFL player like a regular person but all the headlines about their romance are difficult to consume.

An insider told The Sun that The Kardashian star recently went on a dinner date with the quarterback fueling rumours that the two are romantically involved.

Kardashian has been telling her friends that it’s “how impossible it is to date like a regular person – as in to go on a few dates, hang out, get to know someone without any pressure.”

“Kim feels that if she so much as looks at a guy, then it’s immediately a crazy intense situation with her fame,” the source added of the Skims founder, who previously dated Pete Davidson.

The insider went on to add that Kardashian is “feeling it’s impossible” to be romantically involved with someone without anyone finding out with the kind of fame that she possess.

“She would love nothing more than to be dating, but in private,” the source said while noting that “no man wants his private life on TV and to be talked about.”

Before concluding, the insider dished that the star has really few options when it comes to dating. “She’s really limited to a pool of men who can cope with the pressure,” the source said.

Speculations about the couple dating each other made its way to the media after it was reported that Kardashian called Brady to ask him for advice before buying a vacation property.

Debunking rumours that Kardashian and Brady are dating, a source said that the duo is “just friends,” but noted that there is a “spark” between them.

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