“My in-laws hid my husband’s bipolar personality disorder” – Times of India

Query: We got married within 7 months of meeting and it was an arranged set up. My husband often had anger fits and then suddenly he would become as sweet as a puppy. I wondered often what was wrong with him until 9 months into our marriage when I was 2 months pregnant, a relative of his blurted out the truth that he was declared bipolar by the doctors five years before our marriage. One day in a fit of rage he slapped our baby on the back because my baby was trying to protect me from his anger. I don’t know what to do. Should I leave him? Will my child suffer? Please show me a direction.

Response by AiR Atman in Ravi
Spiritual Leader and Founder of AiR Institute of Realization and AiR center of Enlightenment

You are married to a man who has cheated you by hiding about his mental health condition, the bipolar disorder. It was very unfortunate that you didn’t know it then and when you knew it, you had already conceived your child. Now, you have a child from this marriage. You have an easy way out of this situation – divorce. But divorce is not a simple solution for either you or your child. Your life has posed a tricky question in front of you and the answer to it lies in expanding your spiritual understanding that everything in this world happens because of Karma. Whatever has happened to you, is a part of the Karmic cycle and escaping out of this situation only means that you will have to face this Karma, again. Therefore, my sincere advice is that you try not to get out of it. You can communicate your concerns with your husband, have an open talk with him and both of you can work towards finding a solution. You can also take professional help to resolve the bipolar condition and anger issues of your husband. Give this marriage your best shot and unless you can’t do further, try your best to make it work.

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