Prince Harry losing core support after transforming into ‘figure of ridicule’

Prince Harry is reportedly turning into a pubic figurehead known only for ridicule.

This claim has been brought to light by royal expert Jack Royston.

Mr Royston started by saying, “This, for me, felt like it came on the back of an era where there were some smaller tell-tale signs that some people in America were starting to view Harry and Meghan a little bit differently and maybe a little bit less sympathetically.”

According to Express UK, “Maybe, still ultimately supporting them but perhaps asking more questions than there had been in the aftermath of Oprah.”

“One of the big things after the Netflix documentary in December was that some major publications, like Variety for example, were questioning whether Harry and Meghan needed to leave their royal story behind and start saying something new, creating a new brand that had nothing to do with the life they left behind.”

“Now, take that position and throw in a couple of major revelations from the publicity that Harry did around the book—including him saying that he and Meghan never accused the Royal Family of racism—and I can fully believe that there might be a contingent of the softer support that Harry and Meghan had in America, that might have been starting to waver before this Elizabeth Arden cream frostbite story came about.”

Before signing off he also pointed out how, “What appears to have happened since that story emerged was that Harry became a figure of ridicule.”

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