Prince Harry ‘shifting to extremes’ and ‘losing public’

Prince Harry is being accused of ‘acting very petty’ after his accusations against Camilla went out.

This warning has been issued by royal author Bridie Pearson-Jones Australian journalist Tom Tilley.

These admissions were made during an appearance on The Today Show this Tuesday.

He started by saying, “I do think the sort of the barbs thrown at Camilla, for example, show that some of it is a bit petty.”

“We’re talking about their relationship with the media and if Camilla is ‘dangerous and ‘a villain’, and he talked about them being the ‘abusers’ and him being ‘abused’.”

Before concluding, Mr Tilley also admitted, “I think it has gone bit too far and he is probably losing some of the public [support] when it goes to those kind of extremes.”

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