Prince William can’t ‘completely forgive’ Prince Harry over Megxit

Prince William and Prince Harry’s royal feud has become infamous over the years, and a royal expert suggests that the Prince of Wales may never forgive his younger brother for ditching the royal family in 2020 with Megxit.

According to Us Weekly, expert Katie Nicholl shared her thoughts on whether William and Harry may reunite in the coming months or years, especially since their father, Charles, is now the King and will have his coronation ceremony sometime next year.

Saying that Prince William continues to have a ‘difficult time’ coming to terms with Prince Harry moving to the US with his wife Meghan Markle and leaving his royal duties behind, Nicholl said: “I think that’s partly why this rift hasn’t been resolved.”

“William can’t completely forgive Harry for what he’s done. I think William had always expected that he would have the support of his brother…” she added.

Nicholl then shared: “And I think it wasn’t just that Harry had chosen to leave and to stand down… I think a lot of it was how he chose to do that and what William saw as great disrespect to the institution and to his, to his family, to his grandmother.” 

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