Prince William responsible for ‘killing’ Princess Diana, Charles’ relationship

Prince William has just come under fire reportedly being the cause of King Charles and Princess Diana’s separation.

This allegation has been shared by royal commentator Dickie Arbiter, in one of his interviews with True Royalty’s The Royal Beat.

He began by addressing the former couple’s second honeymoon that happened in Italy 1991.

It reportedly involved taking Prince William and Prince Harry along as it was “important that they were seen as a family.”

During the course of his chat, Mr Arbiter also weighed in on how bad their relationship was near the end and added, “The marriage, I think, started deteriorating, it started deteriorating after William was born.”

However, things only managed to get worse once and “really accelerated after Harry was born.”

This comes shortly after The Crown came back with the story of Princess Diana and King Charles’ lovestory.

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