Reddit Crypto Experts Recommend Metacade In Presale – Here’s What You Need to Know To 10X Your Investment

Reddit crypto communities have historically been a hotbed of investment alpha. They are filled with anonymous whales sharing some of the most obscure opportunities on TradFi’s Wall Street and Web3’s Alt Street.

After Metacade’s explosive start to its token presale, Reddit crypto communities have highlighted its immense potential for the future. So, could Reddit crypto experts be onto something big?

A new altcoin causing excitement in Reddit crypto discourse

Metacade has continued to meet the lofty expectations of its backers during a hugely successful presale event. The MCADE altcoin has proven extremely popular among investors, as the project has raised a total of $10.9m in just 16 weeks since the presale event went live.

The new GameFi platform has been trending among Reddit crypto communities, being highlighted as one of the most exciting new crypto platforms around. Small-cap altcoins can post impressive returns on investment, and Reddit crypto lovers are expecting Metacade to follow suit.

Recent news has come to light to reveal that the MCADE token will be launched on the Bitmart exchange after the end of the token presale. For Reddit crypto users discussing the best new altcoins, this announcement was touted as a huge boost to the wider Metacade ecosystem. For the first time, the MCADE altcoin will be available on centralized exchanges (CEXS) for a variety of trading purposes.

Can the MCADE altcoin reach $1 in 2023?

The Metacade altcoin presale’s impressive early fundraising is a strong sign of future price action. Later in 2023, the Metacade platform will go live, the MCADE altcoin will be launched on exchanges, and an increasing number of users could start to use the platform.

Experts have highlighted the $1 price level as a key target for 2023. Since the presale will raise the price of MCADE from $0.008 to $0.02, this will be – at a minimum – a 50x price rise for presale participants.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is set to be the largest on-chain arcade, offering a broader selection of play-to-earn (P2E) arcade games out of any comparable crypto platform. Metacade is a truly comprehensive ecosystem that brings vast utility to GameFi enthusiasts, including several unique earning mechanics that go beyond the metaverse arcade.

A core aim of the Metacade project is to become a central hub for Web3 users. Whether looking to uncover the latest information about blockchain gaming, take advantage of a suite of DeFi tools, or kickstart a career in blockchain technology, Metacade offers something to serve everyone.

How does Metacade work?

The metaverse arcade combines casual and competitive gameplay to deliver a dynamic gaming experience. Players can play solo, progressing through endless levels in some exciting arcade games to earn altcoin rewards or join paid entry tournaments for the chance to win major prizes.

The community hub will reward users for their contributions. Whether posting game reviews, sharing alpha or interacting with other users’ posts, the Metacade community can earn MCADE tokens for supporting the ecosystem directly.

Not only that, but Metacade also provides a route into Web3 for both established and aspiring professionals. The Work2Earn mechanic will connect users with paid job opportunities, ranging from part-time to full-time positions at some of the best companies on the blockchain.

How is Metacade changing gaming?

Blockchain gaming has grown exponentially in recent years. To support the industry’s continued growth, Metacade is launching several ground-breaking initiatives. Developers for new crypto games can apply for financial support through the Metagrants program, which helps to ensure the best innovations make it to the market.

On top of this, the Metacade community, filled with enthusiastic blockchain gamers, will get the chance to test out new blockchain games before they are officially launched. This helps to iron out any kinks and fix any bugs, making sure that new titles are fully secure before new games go live.

Could MCADE be the number one altcoin of 2023?

The Metacade altcoin presale is a fantastic chance to get involved in a high-potential blockchain project. Presales are some of the most lucrative investment opportunities due to them being the earliest stage of investment in Web3, which is a center of global technological innovation.

Metacade, one of the most exciting new projects and a trending topic in Reddit crypto communities, has the potential to post massive gains over the coming years. To get involved, investors can buy MCADE at the current $0.0185 price level, which looks ready to explode over the coming months and years.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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