Vijay Varma shares process of preparing himself as ‘serial killer’ in ‘Dahaad’

Vijay Varma admits approaching a psychologist to understand his character traits in ‘Dahaad’ 

Vijay Varma has shared the process he went through while preparing for his role as a serial killer in Dahaad.

Varma revealed that he got scared when he first heard about the character. “When I first heard about the character, it felt quite scary.”

He went on to say: “Whenever I think that I will not be able to do this, that’s when I begin my task. I take the character as a challenge and get actively involved in performing it.”

The Darlings actor shared that he even approached a psychologist to seek help in understanding the traits his dark character.

“I even had to take the help of a psychologist so that I was able to understand the basic traits of my character.”

During an interview with News 18, the actor was also asked if he ever felt like he has been stuck to a particular genre of performing serious roles.

Varma, 37 replied: “I will try to do roles in which the audience wants to see me. But, I can’t play the role of a serial killer again and again. I have already made some plans and in the coming few days, I will be seen in some different characters.”

Dahaad is a crime-thriller series featuring Vijay Varma, Sonakshi Sinha and Gulshan Devaiah in the lead roles. 

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