WATCH: Horrifying moment when car crashed into live podcast broadcast in Texas

Video screengrab shows a car slamming into the window of a Houston cafe as two people record a podcast.— Reuters

A video that shows a car crashing into a cafe right where two men were recording a podcast is going viral.

The dramatic moment was recorded on camera as the podcaster was also filming himself with the guest he was interviewing. 

The video shows the Chevrolet Tahoe ramming into a Houston cafe ironically right after podcaster Nathan Reeves said: “It got so quiet in here.”

According to Houston police, no one was wounded in the Saturday crash.

Reeves can be seen wiggling away from the window panes against which he was sitting. The car slammed the glass windows, shattering the glass.

“It was shock and a lot of adrenaline at first. But then after we made sure everybody seemed to be OK,” Reeves, 20, told the Associated Press, reported Chron. “I was just freaking out that I got the whole thing on film.”

Reportedly, the young podcaster had been recording the interview with guest Alexsey Reyes, 22, a photographer. This was his fifth episode for his YouTube Channel.

After the crash Reeves continues with his podcast broadcast, saying “I think we’re fine.”

Chron reported that a woman was driving the Tahoe with two passengers. She had run a red light after which she struck a Ford Escape followed by the filmed crash.

The podcast episode that features the crash has garnered tens of thousands of views by now. Reportedly, the 20-year-old found glass shards in his hair and arms.

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