World Autism Awareness Day 2023: Therapy For Caregivers And Parents Of Autistic Kids, Games That Can Help Children on the Autism Spectrum

Autism disorder: Parents who provide care for kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may experience higher levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. Unmet parent carer mental health requirements are a serious threat to the psychological, physical, and social well-being of the parents of an ASD-affected kid. 

They also put the family’s capacity for adaptation and the potential of the ASD-affected child in danger. Systematic studies highlight significant characteristics of treatments supporting parent carers’ mental health and suggest criteria for practitioner-parent carer support.

While treatment helps autistic children, it also has a significant impact on parents. Recent research has revealed that parents who engage in cognitive therapy with their autistic children also see changes in their levels of sadness and emotional control. CBT may help children with autism who suffer from emotional or behavioural issues about 70% of them by enhancing their capacity to control their emotions.

As per a research study, parents are better at controlling their own emotions and having a positive self-image. It aided in raising their awareness of their parenting and everything that they accomplish as parents. Parents who engaged in cognitive therapy with their kids reported feeling better about their sadness, controlling their emotions, and practising mindful parenting.

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Jonathan Weiss, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health and CIHR Chair in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Treatment and Care Research spoke about the research findings and quotes, “We know parents of children with autism, in addition to all the positive experiences they have, also experience high levels of distress. So, if we can do something to reduce that, we have a responsibility to try to do so”.

Games And Activities For Children on the Autism spectrum

Several researchers have looked into how games might benefit teenage autistics. In ethnographic research, the author visited a summer camp for teenagers with autism where they spend time playing tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and participating in live-action role-playing. 

The cornerstones of child development are learning and playing games, which enable kids to establish their autonomous interactions with one another.

Sensory games

Playing sensory games can help autistic kids improve their sensory processing abilities, including their ability to comprehend various noises, scents, and textures. “Sensory Bins” and “Sensory Treasure Hunt” are a few examples of sensory games.

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Video games

Many video games can aid in the attention and fine motor skill development of kids with autism. Games like “Minecraft,” “Lego Marvel Superheroes,” and “Mario Kart” are available.

Physical activity games

Children’s coordination, gross motor abilities, and social skills may all be enhanced by playing physical exercise games like “Simon Says” or “Red Light, Green Light.”

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